Ninety-six (96) alums have now registered for our Golden Reunion Banquet dinner on September 27 at the 'Hilton Garden Inn - Chicago O'Hare Airport' and they are very much looking forward to reminiscing their youthful High School days with YOU.

Name Class
Abbey, Janet K January
Alf, Nancy M June
Anderson, Judith K January
Beavers, Scott June
Bernardini, Marssie M January
Bott, Douglas S June
Bunas, Nancy L January
Buti, Robert L January
Chobot, Beverly J June
Daves, Yvonia A June
Delgado, Raul June
Dru, Karen H June
Dunham, Arthur August
Dziubla, Sharon V June
Eng, Dolores 'Dee' June
Follingstad, Joyce E June
Fuller, James June
Gall, Glenn A June
Gehm, Laurie J June
Grimes, Jeannie June
Gunnell, Sally June
Helin, Thomas A June
Hermann, Edith June
Hildebrand, Karen June
Hojnacki, Barbara June
Howski, Margaret C June
Ischkum, Linda K January
Jackson, Pam J June
Jankowski, Mary Ann E June
Jenewin, Howard June
Jenssen, Kenneth June
Kawamoto, Jane C June
Keats, Robert W January
Keith, William A June
King, Kristine M June
Kirchoff, Linda June
Klein, Susan L June
Knie, Roberta L June
Krutz, Dolores A June
Kubert, Barbara A January
Laubach, Judith E June
Ledesma, Fernando June
Leszczynski, Dolores S June
Lewis, Richard A June
Lies, Pamela J June
Lindquist, Robert J June
Linn, Sandy June
LoDolce, Saundra A June
Longley, Barbara June
Malstrom, Robert A June
Martini, Bruce January
May, Susan A June
Mazur, Paul R June
McCarty, Marge J June
Miglore, Larry June
Morrison, Roger D June
Natkin, Ian L June
Nelsen, Judith A June
Newberg, Robert F June
Nilsson, Norman G June
Olk, Cheryl A June
Oshanna, Janie S January
Pandolfi, Rita M January
Patitsas, Christine A June
Pawula, Michael January
Pazderski, Judith June
Piazzisi, Ken June
Pittro, Joan J June
Rehn, Karen M June
Richards, Joan A June
Richards, June B June
Richter, Ruth June
Rosenberg, Carolyn January
Rudis, Ginny June
Sahling, Audrey M June
Samat, Robert A June
Scheier, John June
Schnell, Richard A January
Schoknecht, Robert G June
Schroeder, Donald June
Schum, Gayle L June
Seigel, Beverly R June
Soderlund, Janis June
Soufal, Larry A June
Soukup, Candy
Strom, Bruce August
Stutte, Linda G January
Sylvester, Charnell June
Taylor, Margaret
Trojan, Richard J June
Vittore, Catherine J January
Walkoe, Timothy K June
Wilson, Barbara A June
Wren, Bob June
Yauch, Susan M June
Zick, Sharon D June


The Reunion Co-Chairs THANK all Alums who submitted their bio or pic!

The deadline for alums to submit either their bio or pic was midnight on July 21 due to reunion co-chairpersons needing several weeks to prepare the booklet material for a August release to the printer.


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We'll see YOU at our golden reunion celebration!!