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Reunion Video Premieres

A full length, uncut version of the below videos is now available for downloading as a single video until Wednesday, September 24. (This video will 'not' be on the DVD that alums obtain at the Reunion Celebration on September 27). To get the full length video, simply complete the ‘Contact Us’ form at this Website and state that you do want the uncut video. You will subsequently be emailed directions on how to access and download the video.

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More than 150 Alums plan to attend one or more of the events scheduled for our Golden Reunion weekend at the 'Hilton Garden Inn - Chicago O'Hare Airport.'

Name Class
Abbey, Janet K January
Alf, Nancy M June
Anderson, Judith K January
Beavers, Scott June
Bernardini, Marssie M January
Bott, Douglas S June
Bunas, Nancy L January
Buti, Robert L January
Chobot, Beverly J June
Daves, Yvonia A June
DeFalco, Sam January
Delgado, Raul June
Dru, Karen H June
Dunham, Arthur August
Dziubla, Sharon V June
Eng, Dolores 'Dee' June
Fetro, Greg June
Follingstad, Joyce E June
Fuller, James June
Gall, Glenn A June
Gehm, Laurie J June
Grimes, Jeannie June
Gunnell, Sally June
Helin, Thomas A June
Hermann, Edith June
Hildebrand, Karen June
Hojnacki, Barbara June
Howski, Margaret C June
Ischkum, Linda K January
Jackson, Pam J June
Jankowski, Mary Ann E June
Jenewin, Howard June
Jenssen, Kenneth June
Kaufman, Chris June
Kawamoto, Jane C June
Keats, Robert W January
Keith, William A June
King, Kristine M June
Kirchoff, Linda June
Klein, Susan L June
Knie, Roberta L June
Krutz, Dolores A June
Kubert, Barbara A January
Laubach, Judith E June
Ledesma, Fernando June
Leonatti, Rich June
Leszczynski, Dolores S June
Lewis, Richard A June
Lies, Pamela J June
Lindquist, Robert J June
Linn, Sandy June
LoDolce, Saundra A June
Longley, Barbara June
Malstrom, Robert A June
Martini, Bruce January
May, Susan A June
Mazur, Paul R June
McCarty, Marge J June
Miglore, Larry June
Morrison, Roger D June
Natkin, Ian L June
Nelsen, Judith A June
Newberg, Robert F June
Nilsson, Norman G June
Olk, Cheryl A June
Oshanna, Janie S January
Pandolfi, Rita M January
Patitsas, Christine A June
Pawula, Michael January
Pazderski, Judith June
Piazzisi, Ken June
Pittro, Joan J June
Rehn, Karen M June
Richards, Joan A June
Richards, June B June
Richter, Ruth June
Rosenberg, Carolyn January
Rudis, Ginny June
Sahling, Audrey M June
Samat, Robert A June
Scheier, John June
Schnell, Richard A January
Schoknecht, Robert G June
Schroeder, Donald June
Schultz, Rosalie June
Schum, Gayle L June
Seigel, Beverly R June
Soderlund, Janis June
Soufal, Larry A June
Soukup, Candy
Strom, Bruce August
Stutte, Linda G January
Sylvester, Charnell June
Taylor, Margaret
Tracy, Wayne June
Trojan, Richard J June
Vittore, Catherine J January
Walkoe, Timothy K June
Wilson, Barbara A June
Wren, Bob June
Yauch, Susan M June
Zick, Sharon D June
Ziebell, Ruth June


Golden Reunion Weekend Schedule for OUR Celebration


'Meet and Greet' on Friday Evening at 7:00pm, September 26th.

Meet & Greet event is free and starts at 7:00 PM at the Hilton Garden Inn, Garden Room - cashbar and light snacks. Please be sure to bring your baby picture for the “cutest baby” contest at this event. If you have any Schurz memorabilia, bring it tagged with your name. Event ends at midnight


'School Tour' on Saturday Morning at 10:30am, September 27th.

Morning 'School Tour' event is also free and starts at 10:30 AM; meet at Slocum Hall Auditorium - Schurz High School, Milwaukee & Addison, Chicago. Parking will be available in the teacher’s parking lot on Milwaukee across from the auditorium. Our tour guide will be Tim Anderson, current band director at Schurz and also Schurz alumni. (Please remember to wear your badge and Schurz garb such as letter sweaters, sweatshirts, tee-shirts, etc.)


'Banquet' on Saturday Evening at 6:00pm, September 27th.

The 'Reunion Banquet (pre-paid event)' starts at 6pm at the Hilton Garden Inn, Garden Room.

Group pictures start promptly at 6:30. The pictures will be available later that evening.

Buffet Dinner starts at 7:00

Speeches start around 8:30

9:00 until midnight - dancing, reminiscing and just having fun in the Garden Room.


For Hotel Contact, Location and Directions Information, click here.